Voor 25 januari: Deelname MailArt International Women’s Day, Storkpaviljoen Hengelo


International Women’s Day Hengelo, The Netherlands invites female artists and poets to participate in a mail-art (postal-art) exhibition.
Theme: Female Heroes (Heroines).
Exposition to be held at: STORK Paviljoen, Hengelo, The Netherlands, March 8 - April 13.

Deadline-submissions have to be received by February 25, 2019.

International Women’s Day 2019 Hengelo

In Hengelo, a group of women started a creative discussion about empowering women and brainstormed about creating a great celebration on March 8, 2019, International Women’s Day.
We are planning to facilitate meetings, artists talks, and a ‘Queen Guinevere's table' to foster an exchange of enthusiasm, fun, and inspiration. In this way we hope to start a supporting and sustainable women’s network that enables women to connect with their strengths, passions, and skills.
It is our goal to honor women, our #heroines (#heldinnen), which is the theme for Women’s Day, 2019.

The mail-art project
While brainstorming the question "WHY do we need to celebrate International Women’s Day?", we immediately saw other questions arising. We became inspired by these questions and had deep conversations, discussions and even more questions. One question that arose was: “Does such a thing as women's art exist?” We found no answer, due to different and even opposite points of view, but agreed that this question was very interesting. It is for this reason that we wish to invite applicants to this project and react on this question as well, by image and/or by words.

We’d like to reach artists from all over the world. We have sent this call to various people and to academies and art-schools we know of. Feel free to share this invitation with anybody you know who might be interested!

We offer
Exhibition, publication/press, and a digital catalogue for all participants.
Mail-art to be exhibited form March 8 - April 13 at STORK Paviljoen, Hengelo.
Opening will be held on March 8, 2019. Finissage April, 13.
All submissions will be published in a Facebook Event.
This exhibition will be part of a local program of festivities and exhibitions.
During the 6-week exhibition we will organize meetings, interviews, discussions, and an exchange of knowledge and inspiration on the question “Does Women's Art Exist?”

Your contribution
‘Postcard’ (10 x 15 cm / 4 x 6 inches), only original works, no copies.
Technique & material: free (water-color, painting, drawing, collage, photography and so on).

Open to every professional artist, no matter age or skill level.
No jury.
No fees.
No return of the works.
It is up to the artist to send in envelope or not, maximum 2 pieces for each artist.
IMPORTANT: please write name, address, e-mail (website) on the back of you piece to ensure you are the maker.
STORK Paviljoen is based on experimental architecture, made of PET-bottles, but does not have any climate control, which might affect specific materials.

We are planning to sell your contribution at auction, during the finissage at STORK Paviljoen. The money will be used to support future international Women’s Art projects.

International Woman’s Day - Hengelo
p/a : H.C. Pootstraat 90, 7552 WR Hengelo, The Netherlands. IMPORTANT : please write on the back of your work: 1. name, 2. address, 3. email, 4. title, 5. year, 6. technique, 7. website (add.).

STORK Paviljoen and International Women’s Day Hengelo. Both organizations are run by voluntary professionals, on no-profit basis solely aiming to create opportunities.

International Women’s day Hengelo, riageerdink@icloud.com. www.facebook.com/InternationaleVrouwendagHengelo/

Mail art?
Mail art (also known as postal art and correspondence art) is a populist artistic movement and centered on sending small scale works through the postal service, started in the 1940’s and very popular in the 60’s.

The art-form promotes an egalitarian way of creating what frequently circumvents official art distribution and approval systems such as the art market, museums, and galleries. Mail artists rely on their alternative network as the primary way for sharing their work, rather than being dependent on the ability to locate and secure exhibition space. Media commonly used in mail art include postcards, paper, collage, objects, artist-created stamps, (mixed) techniques with pens, pencils and paint, but can also include music, sound art and poetry. Anything that can be put in an envelope and sent via post.