7 september: GOGBOT Conference, Wilminktheater & Muziekcentrum

7-09-2019 // 15:00 to 19:00
Muziek centrum, Enschede (Arke Zaal)

What have shoes made of blood, artificial tigerdicks and vegetables grown on sweat, hair and urine in common? Will we as humans be the most natural thing in our environment? Learn all about the crossovers between art and bio-technology during the GOGBOT Conference!

Not a boring symposium, but a dazzling talkshow with the most innovative scientists, artists and bio-hackers in the field of bio-art and design. Learn everything about genetic engineering, artificial wombs, designer babies and farmed meat.

With prominent speakers such as dr. Koert van Mensvoort, Peter Joosten, Emma van der Leest, Kuang-Yi Ku and more cyborgs and pink chickens than legally allowed!
3:00 pm:
Introduction > Ruben Baart (NL)

3.15 pm:
Framework: Next Nature
We have a wrong view of both nature and technology, thinks philosopher Koert van Mensvoort. He pleads for a new look at both and at the role of the human being mentioned.
> Koert van Mensvoort (NL)

3.45 pm:
Body as a resource:
From upgrading your current life through technology to visions of the future Representation we have changed to super people: Welcome to the wonderful world of biohacking.
> Peter Joosten (NL), Thieu Custers (NL)

4.30 pm:
Research into the potential of biotechnology
What will the future applications of biotechnology look like? Five speculative ideas show the potential of biotechnology.
> Kuang-Yi Ku (TW), Non Human Nonsense (SE), Quang Bich Tran (AT), Valerie Daude (DE), Shahar Livne (IL)

6.15 pm:
Panel / conclusion
How should we relate to the biotechnology landscape? A panel discussion with the aim of formulating a joint vision of the rapidly changing technological era.
> Emma van der Leest (NL), Joyce Nabuurs (NL), Ruben Baart (NL)

6.45 pm:
> Ruben Baart (NL)

With with Dr. Koert Van Mensvoort (creative director of Next Nature Network), PeterJoosten.net (biohacker), Emma van der Leest (researcher biobased art & design), Shahar Livne (material designer), Nonhuman Nonsense (art collective), Kuang-Yi Ku (dentist, bio-artist), Valerie Daude (social designer), Thieu Custers (design researcher), Quang Bich Tran (designer), Joyce Agnes Nabuurs (research assistant VU).

The day will be moderated by Ruben Baart (editor-in-chief Next Nature Network).



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