21 mei: Extinction Rebellion + Ymur, Tankstation

Are we heading for extinction?!?

What exactly is the Climate Crisis? How does it impact the world and its inhabitants!?  These are some of the questions that will be addressed in the talk  by Paul Hendriksen, an active and knowledgeable member of Extinction Rebellion NL. But before the talk, there will be a wonderful performance by Ymur.

Ymur is a collaboration between Ásdís and Erla. They are both Icelandic and the piece has a strong indication to both Icelandic nature and the Icelandic language's phonology. The visuals explore the power of elements and different forces in Icelandic nature. It started as a video research collected last summer and then evolved as they started collaborating and bouncing off of each others material. The electronics disguise as nature sounds while the visuals are originally filmed in nature but sometimes seem to be machine-like. The vocal performance by Erla is heavily influenced by her research of the deconstruction of phonology, combined with improvisation and sound poetry.  

Paul Hendriksen will address the underlying principles of climate science, the climate crisis, diminishing biodiversity and how this impacts the world and us as citizens. Furthermore, he will talk about the philosophy behind the movement Extinction Rebellion. This is a socio-political movement utilising nonviolent resistance as a wake up call for society and politicians to act and avert climate crisis and urge to come up with more appropriate answer and actions!

The talk is informal and we invite you to the discussion afterwards.

18:00-19:30  Dinner
20:00-20:30   Performance
20:45-22:00  Talk & discussion

Deuringerstraat 28, Enschede