20 t/m 30 juni: Wera Bet, By Weekly + XPO, CeePark

And what a superb absence

Deze maand werkt BY Weekly samen met ARE aan een expositie met kunstenaar Wera Bet.
Op 20 juni om 17:00 wordt dit feestelijk geopend op Moutlaan 15, te Enschede.

organic/geometric, adorned/unadorned, soft/hard, personal/social, female/male, canny/foolish, ill/healthy, grotesque/normal, young/old, sweet/bitter, pleasant/dreadful, unsentimental/idealistic, painful/enjoyable, familiar/unfamiliar, chubby/slim, oppressive/gentle, ugly/attractive, clean/dirty, disgusting/delightful

The starting point of her artistic practice is to conceive (non-relative) objects or things-in-relation with…. Those relations are: (pre) determined by their status quo which naturally allows for them to have multiple relationships with their inner worlds and exterior environments.
Wera Bet is a painter by trade, but she got divorced from painting, and what's left of that relationship is a pretty good sense of color. A lot of her work is a result of a marriage between two seemingly opposing things. She flirts with three-dimensional creations, sculptures, and drawings; a combination which more commonly is referred to today as art installation. The medium of drawing gives he the quality of freedom whereas its inherent manifestation in space, a sense of “togetherness”. The intensity of her work can be compared with the achievement of a love song. It’s like listening to a favorite song, and counting on it to bring certain feelings to the foreground – it's very important anticipation.

By Weekly
Moutlaan 15 Enschede