7 februari: Carte Blanche, Miquel Dominquez, B93 

Het universum van Miquel Dominques

Miguel over zijn werk:


What I talk about, when I talk about art


I stopped making art for several times in my life. I had side-jobs that I assumed as full-time ones. “Fuck-this-shit! I need to pay my bills! Art!? What I need is work-for-the-Man! an 8- to- 4 – 5- days-a-week-job!” Cleaning, washing windows, warehouses, packing, unpacking, scanning, building up stages for money.


In doing so, I was not working in art at all, not on weekends even, or whenever i had free-time. A perfect numb citizen. It doesn’t suit me.I was in another mind-set, something crashed inside of me. I feel, now, that I didn’t took myself serious enough. Sometimes I didn’t fight the right battles, but every time I gave up I found my way back for a while. To return on doing it; “Le Art” ( whatever that is). I found myself building up a theatre play, making a book or a painting exhibition. It’s all the same thing.

Some of the works in this exhibition are like storyboards for a scene, pages from sketch books, random thoughts, unfinished ideas, crossover-patchwork, other works look like illustrations for a book. Welcome to my universe . It’s a little bit messy and chaotic but it suits me fine.

De opening zal plaatsvinden op woensdag 7 februari 2018 om 20.00 uur. 

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