17 februari t/m 25 maart: Jenny Boot, Fotogalerie Objectief

Jenny Boot toont met "Black Mirror",  met nieuwe en oude beelden

Over Jenny Boot (1969):

After being a painter just to express her feelings Jenny discovered that in photography the control of making what she had in mind is even stronger. Starting the education at the photoacademy was the best thing to do. After some nominations like fotogram award, Cannes lion and Panl award , Jenny has been selected as one of the 100 best upcoming talents in Holland ( NEW) . She exhibited in Paris and New York two times ( o in meanwhile it's 5 times)7 times argh forget about it!, and graduated at the photoacademy in Amsterdam in 2012.

“Her masterful use of lighting techniques creates a stage in which she moulds a humanity of her own sensibility: naked and defenceless. The audience encounters a dark world, ominous, set within a cinematic decor; a piquant vision of unsettling scenes”.

Jenny is represented by Miva fine art galleries in Sweden, Malmö, Stockholm and Göthenburg. And Studio d'Arte Campaiola in Rome Italië