13 december: Gogbot Café XL @UT, DesignLab

Prepare to be inspired by an array of special guests, who merge the topics of art, science, ethics and technology.

GOGBOT Café XL @UT combines the increasing fusion of both infotechnology and biotechnology into an exciting blend. Adding varied scenarios - from oral sex to digital dictatorship and the end of liberalism - to the mix, this evening is bound to excite your senses.

MORE INFO & SIGN-UP (free of charge) ? https://www.utwente.nl/en/designlab/events/!/2018/12/311119/gogbot-cafe-xl-ut

* Femke Nijboer - University of Twente Neurotechnology
* Kuang-Yi Ku - Taiwan/NL, Master graduate Design Academy Eindhoven 2018.
* Quintus Glerum - Award winning graduate St. Joost Academy Breda 2018, GOGBOT Youngblood Award nominee 2018)
* Mary Ponomareva - Nl/Ru, Artist/Designer, Master graduate Sandberg Instituut
* Edwin Dertien - Robotics and Mechatronics, University of Twente
* Jacco Borggreve - Bio+body artist, AKI 2019 graduate
* GOGBOT 2018 Curious Inc. - Award winning Creative Technology Students University of Twente
* Thom Floris - DJ / Sound design
* Julian van Aalderen - Live VJ on the (analogue) Amiga computer