4 April: Carte Blanche ‘materialized thoughts’, B93

Gematerialiseerde gedachten

De Carte Blanche van april ‘materialized thoughts’ wordt deze keer ingevuld door Kristel Geerts en Joris Strouken. De opening vindt plaats op woensdag 04 april a.s. Om 20:00.

Kristel en Joris over hun werk:

Kristel Geerts: I choose the materials of my sculptures on the basis of their tactile and aesthetic properties. The making process is just as important to me as the end result, and these are inseparably linked. This process is an improvisation in which the thought of the moment and the experiment shape the sculptures. My working methods are often fast, with impermanence and change playing an important role. Although the work initially makes a serious impression, irony is an important aspect because I can put things into perspective. In the presentation of the work I try to involve the viewer by means of scale, color, material use, and by breaking with existing structures.

Joris Strouken: A personal revolution against loneliness. An abstract illusion within reality. A mirror where the reflection is different from what is being reflected. I paint because it enables me to create a window into its own reality, while being an object in our space. Although I mainly use human figures as subject in my paintings they are not individuals but general anonymous figures, but at the same time my paintings can be seen as personal materialized thoughts.

In this exhibition we will combine our works, showing works made for exhibitions of the last few months and some new works. 

The installation of the works will be sight specific, and an improvisation. 

You will be seeing different materials and mediums, 

sculptures and paintings.

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