19 april 8 uur: PROPELLERS, B93

Nieuwe kunst een muziek show

PROPELLERS are presenting a new art and music show. They deal with active information, vibrations engines and AI software in a constant process of change and development in a multidimensional configuration space. The work of Robert contains radical art strategies, hacktivism, tactical media, AI and machine learning and audiovideosynthetizis. Together with Robert several other artists will show concerts, performances, installations and cinema.

Robert B. Lisek, Plastic Interior Urynian, Stella Richman, Erik Terhorst, Patrick Jonkman, Thom Floris, Chernobyl raindance [Ole Nieling & Melle Nieling]


Openning: 19th April 8 pm in

B93, Hoge Bothofstraat 166, 7511 ZE Enschede 

Robert B. Lisek [cosmos]

radical art strategies, hacktivism, tactical media, AI and machine learning, audiovideosynthetizis

Stella Richman [it]

live act, mem sound navigation

Plastic Interior Urynian [pl]

live act, comforting sounds in disturbing package

Mateusz Grymel [pl]

Smiley - moving sculpture, an emoji that knows too much

Erik Terhorst

Patrick Jonkman, audio/visual artist, his main weapons of choice are the camera and modular synths. www.patrickjonkman.nl

Thom Floris' aims to make you both float and crash. Dubstep, ambient and harsh noise all collide yet intertwine within his conceptual works. Humanly emotions meet blunt machinery.

Chernobyl raindance [Ole Nieling & Melle Nieling]. The environment is doing way too well, it's time to bring in some radio active spirit. Join us around the campfire, do a little dance, and summon the rain.

supported by ARE and B93 Enschede