1 maart t/m 12 april: Jelijn Verhoeven, MIKC/Perron1

'A City Drowning In Objects'

Perron1 presenteert: 'FIELDS' unexpected artworks van startende en in opleiding zijnde kunstenaars versus gevestigde kunstenaars.

"This Project is about synthetisch objecten and materials that people throw away after use. The objects I chose are all iconic - ones everybody regognizes by their expressive colours and forms. The idea comes from the shape and easthetic of these objects. This installation reveals the beatiful side of these objects, the objects becoming my tools. We use the objects almost every day and by deconstructing and constructing these objects, I have transformed them into new sculptures. The city comes to life by also moving all the sculptures of the city. It shows the fastness of the city. It almost becomes a city that can grow. The objects are therefore put in the spotlight where they usually don't belong."
Jelijn Verhoeven

Openingstijden: dagelijks 9:00 - 21:00, uitsluitend van buitenaf te bezichtigen

Stationsweg 1/5 Delden